Hike! A card-drafting racing game with huskies

Created by SnowBoardGames

A fast 2-6 player game in which you assemble your husky sled and race through the snowy wilderness.

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Hike! ❄️ Landscape cards and some other info
12 months ago – Thu, Feb 03, 2022 at 06:15:20 PM

Hello everybody,

let us start this update with a big thank you! 🙏 We asked for your help with contacting organisations connected to dog sledding and dog well-being, and we received so many encouraging emails and a lot of really great info! We've sent out some emails, so we're hoping we will be able to include the answers in the future update.

It really is a privilege to be part of such an amazing community. 🥰 You have helped us unlock the Facebook and Instagram social goals, and the Kickstarter one is currently 151/300.

First, the meeples

We have collected your answers from the poll from the last update, and the results are as follows:

- 121 people have completed the questionnaire.

- 101 people say they would potentially be interested in meeples.

- 39 % of the voters say they would pay $10 - $15 for the meeples, 20 % would pay $5 - $10, and 16 % would pay $15 - $20. The other percents were for paying more than $20 and votes for high quality, paying less than $5, proposing that we include meeples in the base game, votes that were not interested in meeples anyway and some very unique answers that made us smile - thank you for sharing, we are really happy we included the 'other' option as a possible answer.

We also got some great suggestions in the answers to the next question, and we would like to thank everybody who participated in the poll, and also everybody who used that last answer to tell us your feedback about the whole campaign - we really appreciate it!

So our conclusions based on your answers and based on the info we got from the manufacturers are as follows.

👉 About meeples in the base game:

- If we want to produce the game in Europe, we can't include meeples in the base game, it's simply too expensive. There is also a question of whether we should in any case - we got quite a few answers that were against meeples in the base game, as they don't add anything to the gameplay. And we have to agree with that.

- If we do the production of the base game in China, meeples in the base game would be possible from the financial standpoint. But, there is a really high chance that with the meeples, we wouldn't meet the October fulfillment. And we would really prefer to keep it. So that is not a great option.

👉 About meeples as an add-on:

- Based on the price the majority has voted for and the quotes we got, producing meeples in Europe is unfortunately not an option.

- Production in China on the other hand is very viable. And we were also looking into air transport, so this would mean there is a good chance that we could do it before October. The problem, however, is that in China, manufacturers have (much) higher minimum order quantities. We would have to order 1500 to 3000 meeple sets. With 100 people that said that would potentially be interested, this would leave with a huge pile of meeples, that we said would be a Kickstarter exclusive. Even if the sales were better than 100 sets, they would realistically probably not cover the manufacturing costs. So as a small studio, that does not have financial cushions, we can't really afford that.

- We have found some Chinese manufacturers that have lower minimum order quantities, but unfortunately, we didn't get the quotes yet. With the Chinese new year, they told us to expect quotes and estimates of the production time in the 3rd or 4th week of February. Unfortunately, that is too late for this Kickstarter campaign.

So it pains us to say this, but we are not able to offer you custom meeples add-on for a price that would make sense at this point. Realistically, it would probably be cheaper for you if you order dog meeples from suppliers that offer wooden components. We also have a .svg file with an experimental shape of a dog and person in a parka shapes that we used for some tests, so if anyone is interested in it, it's available here. Maybe it can be used for 3D prints.

We also hope that we reach the next stretch goal for upgraded 8 mm cubes for the sled cubes. We're talking about different options with the manufacturers and the one that is definitely possible is an upgrade to 10 mm cubes that are nicer to handle than the smaller ones.

🏳️ Additional rulebook languages

Now we do also have some good news for this update. We are adding 2 new languages for the downloadable pdf rules, Polish and Dutch. So we hope this enables more people to enjoy Hike!

🏔 Landscape cards

We also wanted to share a little design background with you. Nika and Blaž, designers of Hike! are both climbers and outdoor people, and when we started designing Hike! we got the idea to use real places as an inspiration for the landscape cards. So we reached out to different organisations and places and asked them to show us a photo and share a bit of a background story. So we thought this would be a good time to share it with you, and we kindly invite you to join us for a trip through Hike! landscapes here. (And we can't wait for you to read everything, so we're giving away the info that the landscape below is from our hometown, and that we illustrated it without the tallest chimney in Europe that would otherwise be seen from this place here. We took a bit of a liberty with freezing the river too, the winters now are not what they used to be...)

We are also sharing a preview of the new landscape card illustration, and we are excited to tell you that it will bring some new colours to the game.

We hope you enjoy the stories, and we invite you to let us know what you think in the comments!

🎲 What kind of a gamer are you?

We really enjoyed getting to know you all from all of the comments about the dogs and dog names, but we realised we don't know much about you as gamers. And being gamers ourselves, we thought maybe we could talk about board games a bit - what is your favorite game, and what type of games do you usually prefer?  Let us know in the comments section of the campaign!

💗 We would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting this campaign! We've come a long way, and we have been able to upgrade Hike! through the reached stretch goals, to make it a better version of itself. This campaign is doing really amazing, and we are starting to hope that it can become something more than just a one-time Kickstarter. And we would like to tell you that this really means a lot to us and that we will do our best to justify your trust and show you our appreciation in the future!


Your SnowBoardGames team

Hike! ❄️ Let's talk about meeples
about 1 year ago – Thu, Jan 27, 2022 at 03:59:45 PM

Hey everybody!

We can hardly believe more than 2000 people are supporting Hike! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🥰 It probably didn't show through our comments, but the last few days have been pretty busy on our end. So this update will again be a slightly longer one.

🐺 Meet Murphy, the new member of the Hike! pack

We have received so many adorable photos of your furry friends that choosing one for the illustration was a truly hard task. We were looking for someone who would be as different as possible from the huskies that are already featured on the cards, and we thought this gorgeous agouty husky would complement the team well. Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

And don't forget to send our love to all of your furry friends! (Our dog Max says hi too 😉)

🤟 We have unlocked the first social goal

We are very happy to tell you that we have unlocked the first social goal - 300 new followers on Facebook. Thank you to all of you who helped us reach this number, and a warm invite for everybody else to join us!

This means that the cube that is moving over the landscape cards will be upgraded to a wooden pawn! 🎉 Now we were really hoping to get this one included in the game, and we must admit we thought adding it as a social goal would make it easier to reach than adding it as a stretch goal. I guess we were wrong on that one. 😅 But here it is now, so everything worked out. 🙂

We also have 246/300 new followers on Instagram and 94/300 on Kickstarter. Shall we unlock the Instagram social goal next?

🐕 Now let's talk about the meeples!

This has been a really popular request, and it is also something that we'd like to see in Hike! as we agree, it would look cool. But as we mentioned before, as creators, we need to be sure that it's doable, both from the manufacturing point of view and also financially.

So we were pursuing two thought flows:

- The first was to make the base game components as pretty as possible. Now this one has a budget constraint, unfortunately. But we were looking into replacing a pawn with a custom-shaped meeple, and replacing the 8 mm cubes with something nicer - maybe custom-shaped tokens. We had the idea that they would be shaped like a paw print, but unfortunately, that print really needs the empty spaces in-between the claws and the base of the paw to be recognizable, so it couldn't be just a shape, it would have to have print on it. And that would limit our choice of manufacturers a bit.

Then we also had another concern, and this was a practical one. We scouted our shelf for tokens and tried how they work. And we found that most of the tokens are actually not so nice to pick up. And picking them up and placing them is a  very important part of the gameplay. The cubes actually work pretty well for that purpose. So would it really be a good thing if we make the game look better, but at the same time make it harder to handle? Now without the budget constrain, we could just come up with a shape that would handle as well as cubes, but with it, we're kind of limited to standard thickness and that sort of technical parameters.

- And as we felt like that first approach was a compromise, no matter how you turn it, we also entertained another idea. Let's make the custom meeples and add-on, and go all-in with prettiness: custom shape, larger size, print or engraving on both sides. We were thinking about having dog meeples to be placed on a husky card, and a sled meeple to move over the landscape cards. This was also an idea that was mentioned a lot in the comments. But then we made some cardboard prototypes, and we found that sled is not the best shape for the size of the fields of the landscape cards - it would have to be tiny to fit. So we thought maybe we could have a person wearing a parka - so each player would have a musher and 8 dogs.

Now this is 56 custom meeples. And that is a lot of meeples. It also takes up some space. So we would have to make the base game box a little bigger in order for everything to fit inside. But we think this is doable.

So we're still waiting for some final details from the manufacturers, but from what we know so far, we're maybe leaning towards making the base game a bit prettier, but not making compromises on the functionality, and keeping the components so universal, that they don't dictate the choice of a manufacturer. (Meaning that we could maybe print the games in Europe.) And then go all-in with prettiness on the add-on with 56 custom-shaped wooden printed/engraved meeples that would be a Kickstarter special.

And we think it's time to include you in this conversation more and ask you what you'd like Hike! to be. So what do you think? You can use this form to let us know your thoughts, but we also warmly invite you to comment in the comment section (the main one, not below this update, please, it's easier to track, and apparently it also helps the algorithm so Hike! is discovered by more people) so we can all have a discussion together.

🐾 We have one more thing we hope you could help us with

We have contacted several organizations connected to dog sledding and dog well-being, as we want to talk about it in one of the updates, and also have the information about it in the rulebook. But so far, we've had very little luck - we either got no replies, even after a follow-up email, or we got a reply that they're too busy to help us at the moment, as apparently, it's a very busy time of the year for them. So we were wondering if someone here maybe knows about an organization that could help us? Let us know in the comments or send us a message or email at We would really appreciate it!

💗 It's really been a long update, so we'd like to thank you if you're still here! 🙂 And thank you so much for being part of this amazing community and enabling Hike! to become a reality. 😊 We hope you stay with us for all the amazing things to come!

Your SnowBoardGames team

Hike! ❄️ Vote for the names and rulebook translations
about 1 year ago – Sat, Jan 22, 2022 at 02:16:59 AM

Hello everybody!

You have shared a ton of very adorable dog photos with us and 170 amazing and unique name suggestions! It has been a privilege learning about your furry friends, and we're sending our love to all of them! 🐺❤️

📸 Husky illustration and names

We will go through the photos again with our amazing artist, Paulina Wach, and we will choose one that will serve as an inspiration for the new husky card illustration. And we also have a very pleasant task for you - the final voting on the names!

We have collected all of the suggestions from the Kickstarter comments (there were 170 of them!), and we propose this system for the votes:

- 10 most upvoted names from the comments automatically get a spot on the husky cards. These are Aurelia, Aurora, Balto, Moose, Nanook, Nova, Teeko, Togo, White fang, and Yuki.

- We will reserve 1 spot for the name of the husky that gets chosen as an inspiration for the illustration.

- This means we can choose 45 more names! The list of the names is here. Everyone can vote for 5 different names, and the ones with the highest number of votes will be included on the cards.

Unfortunately, there is a limited number of husky cards in the game itself, so there is a limit on how many names get to be on the cards. But we wanted to include all of these awesome dogs in Hike! so we thought it would be a great idea to print all of the names on the bottom part of the box, on the sides, and commemorate the extended Hike! pack in the first edition of the game. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

🐺 Custom husky cards

We have received quite a few questions from dog owners if there is a possibility to add a custom husky card to the deck, along with a few great practical suggestions. We have carefully reviewed all of them, and we have debated if this could be an add-on. Unfortunately, we think that the timeline will be too short and that these additional illustrations would not be ready in time for the production to start. We are still working on some of the art for the expansion, so the resources for additional art are quite limited.

But, we may have a different suggestion, and we want to run it by you - we could add 6 additional empty cards to the husky deck, that would have the back and the edges. And you can print, draw or paste an image of your furry friend to the cards. These cards would have the same back as the other husky cards, so you could add them to the deck, and they would allow you to customize your deck with your favorite huskies (or any other dogs or creatures!).

It's just an idea, and we're not sure if it's a good one. So please let us know your thoughts!

🏳️ Rulebook translations

It makes us extremely happy that we are able to announce the Hike! rulebook will be translated into 3 additional languages: German, French and Italian! These languages will be available online, as downloadable pdfs.

👋 Social stretch goals

We're also making progress with the social stretch goals. The current numbers of new followers are

- 184/300 on Facebook

- 153/300 on Instagram

- 54/300 on Kickstarter

Two new cards and a player pawn instead of a cube are inviting you to unlock them!

💗 This campaign is really shaping into a beautiful story with an amazing community, so we want to thank you all for sharing this story with us. We will strive to continue to make Hike! the best it can be, and deliver an amazing game you will be proud to own! We hope you stay on this journey with us!

Your SnowBoardGames team.

Hike! ❄️ New husky illustration, husky names and donations
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jan 18, 2022 at 01:05:43 PM

Hello everybody!

Thanks to you, Hike! is well on the way! As creators, nothing makes us happier than to see that you are excited about our game and that you are thinking about how to make it more awesome! We are listening, and we want to incorporate your feedback into the game! We are also honored to see that you are thinking about how to help Hike! reach even more people, and we would like to thank you, that is really amazing of you!

We hope you don't mind a slightly longer update, so much has happened in these last few days!

🐺🎨 Stretch goal unlocked - new husky illustration 

You may have noticed that we (well you!) have unlocked the next stretch goal. Hike! will officially welcome a new member to the pack! And we want to do something special and offer an opportunity for it to be your husky

So we kindly invite all of you to post a photo of your furry friend on your Facebook or Instagram (unfortunately, we can't share the photos here on Kickstarter), and write why he or she would fit well in the board game pack. Do not forget to tag us, SnowBoardGames, and make the post public, so we can see it! If you want, we also invite you to share the link to this Kickstarter campaign in the post, so your friends can see which game the post is about.

But we don't want the other dog owners and dog lovers, but especially the other dogs to feel left out! So we also invite you to post a photo of your dog, regardless of the breed, tag us and link the campaign. 

Let us start: 

This is Max. He is an 8-year-old half Malamute half German Shepherd. He is not technically ours, as we currently have a lifestyle that isn't well-suited for a dog, but he belongs to Blaž's parents, and we consider him a part of the family. He is a total sweetheart and he loves snow.

We got a great suggestion that we should name the huskies in the game. We love it, as this will add another layer to huskies having personalities. So we invite you to help us! We need 56 different names! Post your suggestion in the comment in the comments section of the campaign (not below this update, but in general comments!). Each suggestion gets one vote, and each reply with a compliment under the suggestion counts as an additional vote.  You can upvote and propose more than one suggestion, but don't vote for the same one more than once per hour!

🔒 New stretch goal announced - we will be donating a portion of the profit from each Hike! copy pre-ordered through Kickstarter

We are also really excited to announce this next stretch goal. We know that dog sledding has a dark side to it, where dogs are mistreated. We have said from the start, that if Hike! becomes big enough that we can cover the development costs and order a larger series that will allow Hike! to be available in the longer run, not just as a one-time Kickstarter, we would love to commit to donating a portion of the profit to an organization that promotes dog well-being in dog sledding. And we think the project is approaching a point where this is becoming a real possibility. So we want the next stretch goal to be:

We still wish to connect with organizations too and tell about the problems in dog sledding from first-hand experience, so that we can use this campaign to spread awareness and promote the positive aspect of dog sledding, where mushers and dogs work as a team and where the dogs' needs come first. We are still working on that. So if you know or represent such an organization, and you are interested in collaboration, we kindly invite you to contact us at

✉️ Updates frequency - once or twice a week

In our last update, we asked you how often you would like to hear about Hike!. More than half of you would like to be notified once or twice a week, in case there actually is something important to be notified about. So we will try to plan our updates to be a little less than a week apart. And for all of you who would like to be in touch more often, we'll be posting smaller updates in the comments section as they happen, so you are welcome to join us there!

✨ We can honestly say, that this campaign has exceeded our wildest expectations. Not only with the size and the momentum it gained, but also with the fact, that there is an absolutely awesome backer community gathered on this project. Thank you! We are very privileged to be a part of that, and we hope you stay with us on this journey!

Your SnowBoardGames team

ps - this update is really long already, but we're also looking into custom meeples. There may be an option to go all-in with custom printed meeples and make it an add-on. What do you think about that option? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

Hike! ❄️ Amazing start, stretch goals and updates frequency
about 1 year ago – Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 04:58:58 PM

Hey everybody,

this amazing start has exceeded our wildest expectations! Hike! funded in 6 hours, and we are at more than 300% funded at the moment! Thank you all for believing in us and making this possible!

We have been working on Hike! for a year, and we spent countless hours tweaking the gameplay (a big thank you to our early playtesters for your patience and enthusiasm!) and choosing colour schemes, and it is absolutely incredible to see this passion project now come to life. 

Stretch goals

We have been able to unlock 3 stretch goals already, a card divider insert, 6 new cards with sleds and player aids, and linen finish on the cards. This makes us really happy and we hope we can keep adding more to make Hike! the beautiful game we envisioned it to be!

It is time to reveal the next stretch goal: At €25k, we will add a new husky into the Hike! pack.

(Note that the stretch goals are in Euros, so this is approximately 28.6k U.S.Dollars.)

This has been one of the most requested features, so we moved things around a bit. We also love the idea of dogs having names, and we definitely want to include you in choosing the husky, so keep an eye for the next updates.

We want you to know that we are reading your comments and writing down your suggestions and that we are thrilled that you are excited about the game, and that you are thinking of ways to make it even better! The gamers in us want to say yes to all of the suggestions! But the creators in us need to make sure that the project can be executed in practice. So we want to carefully investigate the budget and manufacturing implications so that we don't promise something we wouldn't be able to deliver. We are looking into custom meeples next!

Shipping costs for HUSKY ENTHUSIAST

We noticed right after launch that the HUSKY ENTHUSIAST pledge is missing the information on shipping. It was one of those things that we checked 10x before launch, but we somehow missed it. As explained in the Rewards and Shipping sections, the shipping costs are NOT included in the price and will be charged separately, in a post-campaign pledge manager. You can see the estimated costs in the Shipping section. We just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that. We also added the explanation about this in the Rewards section as soon as we noticed.

We contacted Kickstarter and asked them if we can add the info in the pledge text, but they said we can't make any changes there now that the campaign is live. We apologise if that has caused any inconvenience for you!

Next updates

With the amazing start we had, and all of the stretch goals we were adding, we have discussed the frequency of the updates a lot in the past few days. We don't want to spam your inbox, but we also don't want you to feel we are not communicating enough. So we thought the best way to decide how often to post updates was to ask you. How often would you like to hear about Hike! progress? We kindly invite you to let us know through this form. We will let you know about the results in the comments section of this update.

We would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! You are making Hike! possible! Thank you for your support and for your amazing feedback, and we hope you stay with us for the ride!

Your SnowBoardGames team